Adult Dance Classes

Individuals 16 (with parental consent) and up

Latin Ballroom
for Beginners

Learn the fundamentals of several elegant styles of Latin ballroom with or without a partner.  Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha, East Coast Swing, Merengue, and the beautiful Waltz. In a course of 6 weeks you can navigate through the agile world of dance. Each week we will teach 2 styles of ballroom. The 1.5hr class is filled with fun music, instructions, and pure fun.
Class Fee:
$50.00 per session(6wks)/ $10.00 per person/class. 
Private (couple) and /semi private (2couples) sessions are available upon request. $50.00 per person 6wks. Semi sessions must be scheduled at the same time and taught the same 2 dances.


Soul Line Dance

  for Beginners

Beg Soul Line Dance: 

Soul line dancing –is choreographed dance moves that you do in a group usually in a row, without a partner. The Electric Slide, Wobble, Cupid shuffle are classic examples. The "soul" part comes from the music used — like R&B, hip-hop, soul and contemporary hits.

Class Fee:

$6.00 per class

 Action Town Line Dance are participants that desire to be in an intermediate or more advanced line dance class.

$6.00 per class

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Adult Fitness


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