Goodie Tu Shoes

               Tutus & Ballet Shoes                  Couldn't Be More Fun

Boys and girls from the age of 18 months to 3 years will be taught the fundamentals of dance, learn to follow simple instruction and gain flexibility  all while making friends and having fun.

This Is Why We Dance

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About the Class

Goodie Tu Shoes Dance is Creative Dance that is an introductory class for children ages 18mo-3 years old. With the focus on nurturing a love for dance, this class develops body awareness and explores dance as a form of communication using games, fairy tales and recognizable stories. This class comes with 8weeks of dance class, a Goodie Tu Shoe Tutu, unicorn or horse dance Shirt, and a pair of uniquely made leather sole dance slippers. No two pairs are identical. Uniform: $30
Class Fee: $50.00 8wk sessions.


Is it too early to start my toddler in dance class?

Age is a key consideration to make when deciding if your child is ready for dance lessons. Generally, the youngest age children can start is between three and five, depending on the dance studio. For some children, they may not be able to handle a structured class until they are a few years older, which is also completely normal.


What will your dancer gain from dancing with Play Action Dance?

1. Through dance and with your help at home your dancer will gain a greater self confidence.

2. Learning to dance allows your dance to be comfortable socially.

3. Dancing from an early age will teach your child to be physically fit and other healthy habits. 

4. Your child will have a better understanding of teamwork and even problem solving.

5. Your dancer's listening skills and discipline will gradually improve. He/she will gain an understanding that everything won't always go their way.

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6. You need good form to be a strong dancer, so dancing lessons can help to improve how your child not only dances, but how they walk, run, sit and move in general, which is vital.

7. Dancing helps to promote positive, natural and healthy body growth.

8. Participating in a dance class your dancer's perseverance and  learning skills will improve.

9. Early years of dancing lessons can instill a sense of performance and the desire to get it right, meaning that your child becomes familiar with repetition increases awareness of his body movements.

10. Most importantly, though, is the happiness your child will feel. They are in a learning environment that is fun, not frantic, and with people who are just like them – starting off, curious to learn.