Community Action Parade Team

CAPT Stars


Not Your Average
Drill Team

Celebrating our veterans through our star service and performances


Team Packages

Team package includes:
Equipment team uniform, costumes and accessories, boots, competition and parade fees, duffle & garment bag.


Our Code

  1. Love your God and yourself

  2. Honor your parents

  3. Respect all people

  4. Treat other how you want to be treated

  5. Work hard to earn and posses the quality of life desired

  6. Remember those before us


Public Speaking

The benefits of public speaking are astronomical. The participants of the CAPT program will be taught public speaking. While in the program participants will gain self confidence, be able to assume the responsibility of leadership more easily, become more definite, enhance their listening, reading performance and writing skills. Not to mention through public speaking a person can break down stereotypes and cultural walls. The benefits continue and you will experience these and more once your STAR is signed up.

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An all girls Drill Team is a world of its own. Between athletic seasons, competition, parades and holiday shows it is a never-ending cycle that drill girls have a love-hate relationship with. Regardless if you are currently on drill team or still reliving those glory days, dancing on a drill team will form life long relationships and make everlasting memories. The girls will gain valuable leadership skills and establish healthy physical habits.


Who Are We?

The Bottom Line

We are organized programs that teach values, life skills, and build self confidence through the instruction of Baton Twirling, Dance, Cadence, Rifle drill and Flag.


Miss Brittany Brantely

CAPT Dance Coach


About Coach Brittany

Brittany Brantley is an experienced dancer who has been dancing since she was 18 months old. She has professional training: 8yrs of ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, majorette, gymnastics, hip-hop, and 3yrs of baton twirling. She has had the honor of taking Alvin Ailey workshops, and has numerous 1st place & honor awards for competitions such as Kars, Hall of Fame and StageOne to name a few. She is also an experienced dance instructor at Play Action Dance Studio and Academy of Dance. She loves to teach everything she knows. She is currently training at Academy of Dance in Warner Robins.


Brittany Cont'd

Brittany attended DeKalb Elementary School of the Arts, and DeKalb School of Arts and currently attends S.M.I.L.E.S. 

Brittany is dedicated and passionate about the arts and will continue to train and teach everyone to reach their personal dance goals.


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